Simplify your school payments with PaySchools Central

One less thing to remember every day: PaySchools Central can be set to automatically refill students accounts when they run low! Get started:

Creating a PaySchools Central account is easy, quick and free. Simply add your child(ren) to the system using their student ID number and some other basic information. Next, the system will take you through a step-bystep registration process. Once your account is created, you will find a variety of features that will make the management of your student’s fees easier.

You can set your student’s account to replenish funds when the balance reaches a specific amount.

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Manage Lunch Account

5 Simple Steps to Manage your Students Lunch Account:

1Register: Visit or Download the Payschools Central App, available on Google Play or Apple App Store
2Account Setup: once registered you will receive an email to finish the account details; set up a password, link student, choose notifications and set up payment method
3 • Manage Accounts:From the dashboard, you can review the Meal and Fees balance, add account restrictions, and more 
4Free/Reduced Application:  One Application per household and only takes a few minutes to complete. Data is handled with strict protocols that ensures confidentiality.
5 Payments:  From the dashboard, you can opt to pay all or partial balances, set up auto replenishment, and follow the steps for processing in cart 

Payschools Parent Resources: