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Purpose of Special Services

The Department of Special Services is responsible for the evaluation and instruction of students with disabilities. When a parent or teacher identifies a student as having education difficulties, and the interventions recommended by the IR&S or RTI Committee have not been successful, the student may be referred to the Child Study Team for an evaluation. The Child Study Team, which consists of a School Psychologist, Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant, School Social Worker, and when necessary a Speech and Language Specialist, will discuss with the parent whether an evaluation is warranted, and if so, they will develop a plan to determine the nature and scope of the evaluation.

If, after the evaluations are completed a student is determined to have a disability, and that disability makes it necessary for the student to receive special education and/or related services in order to be successful in school, an individual education program (IEP) will be developed for the student, and this program will be reviewed annually. In order to meet the educational needs of our students, the Bogota School District offers a range of specialized programs including an inclusive preschool and self-contained special education classes, in-class support, pull-out-replacement classes and self contained classes. Related services, including Speech/Language therapy, Occupational therapy, Physical therapy and counseling, are provided when a student’s disability requires them in order for the student to benefit from the educational program. All special education classes/programs are taught by certified teachers and are offered in the least restrictive environment.

Out-of-district placement is considered when a student’s IEP cannot be met within the Bogota School District. Placement considerations require the Least Restrictive Environment aspect and may involve other public schools, Bergen County Technical and Special Services, South Bergen Jointure Commission programs, and private schools for the disabled.

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Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Bogota Department of Special Services to provide students with a caring and respectful environment that fosters the development of learning skills, knowledge, independence, responsibility and “self-understanding”. The Department of Special Services is not an independent department but an integral part of Bixby, Steen and Bogota Middle/High School. It is our goal to work with teachers, parents and administrators in a collaborative effort that will support programs and services to all students. It is the belief of the Department of Special Services that each student has the ability to reach their maximum potential and become independent life-long learners.