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School Violence Awareness Presentation

On Monday November 19, 2018, 7th-12th grade Bogota students attended a presentation on school violence awareness.  The format of this program was a forum featuring four different speakers.  These speakers included Bogota Police Department’s Sergeant Victor Negron, Federal Agent Irving Aguilera, Director of Research, Planning, Evaluation, and Testing Samuel Chiang, and Guidance Counselor Peter Russo.  Each presenter provided his expertise and perspective on a wide-ranging field of questions relating to school violence including, but not limited to, law enforcement, mental health, gang violence, and school safety. 

October 15th through the 19th was School Violence Awareness Week, a state-mandated week dedicated to acknowledging the violent situations some youths face within the school community.  The purpose of this week is to not just bring awareness but also to educate students on conflict resolution, as a proactive measure in providing tools to potentially minimize school violence.  During this period in mid-October, the school conducted a survey where they were provided an opportunity to anonymously ask a question to an expert within the Bogota community pertaining to the issue at hand.  These questions were reviewed by the Bogota Guidance Department and Administration and formed the basis of the presentation.  The most commonly asked questions were addressed during the presentation.  The topics of these questions ranged from active shooter situations to dating violence, as well as a wide range of topics relating to violence both in and out of school. 

Bogota Jr./Sr. High School would like to extend a special thanks to Sergeant Negron and Mr. Aguilera for taking time out of their busy schedule to meet with students.  Also, thanks to Mr. Chiang for the invaluable information he shared during the presentation.  Hopefully, students walked away from the presentation feeling safer and formed a better understanding of who to talk to within the community if they are presented with a potentially violent situation.