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Mr. Novembeard 2018

No shave November has been a growing trend in recent years and here at Bogota Jr/Sr High School, we conducted Mr. Novembeard 2018.  Mr. Clark approached the Principal, Ms. DeCongelio and the Vice Principal, Mr. Buesser about organizing a fundraiser competition where all proceeds would go to the American Cancer Society.  Twelve faculty members including teachers, administrators, and support staff grew out their facial hair for this event.  For every one dollar students donated, they received two raffle tickets.  Twelve tickets were pulled and the winners each chose a staff member and the unique facial hair design they would wear at school on November 20th and 21st.    Plaza Salon on Rt. 4 West in Paramus came into the school to groom each chosen staff member.   The event was then streemed LIVE on our twitter account @bogotapublic.  A special thank you to Plaza Salon for their assistance, to Mr. Clark for organizing this event, our administrators for allowing and most importantly to the students of Bogota Jr/Sr High School for their donations, enthusiasm, and support for a tremendous cause.