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Box Out Bullying

Welcome to the Bogota School District's Box Out Bullying anti-bullying webpage! We are thrilled to partner with Box Out Bullying, a nationally recognized organization that provides bullying prevention programs and workshops to schools and communities.

We are excited to announce that Box Out Bullying is now offering parent workshops to parents and caregivers in our district. These workshops are highly interactive and highly recommended, as they will equip parents with valuable tools and resources to help prevent and address bullying behavior.

Box Out Bullying's methodology and pedagogy align with New Jersey's HIB (Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying) initiative, which requires all schools to implement policies and programs to prevent and address bullying behavior. By participating in the Box Out Bullying parent workshops, parents will become partners with our school district in creating a safe and welcoming school environment for all students.

The speaker for the parent workshops is Mr. Jeremy Rubenstein, the Founder and Creative Director of Box Out Bullying. Mr. Rubenstein is a nationally recognized expert in the field of bullying prevention, and his engaging and dynamic presentations have been well-received by audiences across the country.

If you were unable to attend the parent workshops, we encourage you to visit BoxOutBullying Parent Workshop to download materials and view videos of the workshops. This resource page also provides additional resources and support for parents who want to learn more about bullying prevention.

We believe that by working together with Box Out Bullying, our school district and parents can make a positive impact in preventing and addressing bullying behavior. We encourage all parents and caregivers to take advantage of this valuable opportunity and join us in creating a safe and inclusive school environment for all students.

For more information about Box Out Bullying and their programs, please visit their website at