• Go down deep enough into anything and you will find mathematics.  ~D. Schlicter



    Welcome to Mrs. Demetrakis' Grade 7 Math Classes

     Periods 1-2    Periods 2-3  Period 6-7     Period 7-8 Math Honors

    Everyone can be successful in Math Class!! 


        1) Follow the Rules

              Classroom Management Plan   2019-20

                       Classroom Rules

    1.  Listen and  Follow Directions

    2.  Raise your hand during Lessons

    3.  Respect your classmates and your Teacher

    4.  Keep your hands, feet,and objects to yourself

    5.  Place cell phones in rack in front of the room 

      2) Try your best 

      3)Do your work!! 

      Growth Mindset and Mathematical Mindsets:Find Ways to be Successful in Math