• Welcome to Basic Skills with Miss Finizio

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    Hello! My name is Miss Finizio and I am very excited to be a part of the Bixby Family. Basic skills is all about strengthening our skills in reading, writing, and math. While working in a small group, the students are able to focus on learning new strategies and reviewing learned strategies in order to master skills that will benefit them academically. Students will be able to flex their reading and writing muscles while working on lessons that are aligned with the English Language Arts curriculum. In math, students work toward understanding concepts taught in the classroom. The concepts are taught or reviewed multiple ways in order for the individual to grasp the information in terms they can comprehend. When mastering skills, repetition is key to making sure students understand the proper way to use the strategies taught. Basic Skills allow students to practice these skills so they can enahance their reading comprehension, response to reading, and problem solving.