• Extra Help Information

    Extra help will be offered in the morning and the afternoon according to the schedule below.  Please be aware of the following rules and guidelines.

    • Students must have a specific skill that they are having difficulty with in class that they'd like to work on in order to attend extra help.  This time is not an opportunity to complete homework that they did not complete the night before.  If they struggled with their homework, there needs to be clear evidence that at least an attempt was made to complete it.  
    • Students must notify their parents that they are attending extra help and must have an approved way of getting home.
    • If a student is coming in the morning and has not emailed me ahead of time, they must go to the office and check in with Ms. Bella first.  If Ms. Bella sends the student upstairs and I am not in my room, they must go back to the office and have Ms. Bella call me.  Students are not to enter the classroom unattended.  


    Extra Help Schedule

    Tuesday-Friday mornings, 7:45-8:15 AM

    Monday-Thursday afternoons, 2:45-3:15 PM

    * Please be aware that on some Tuesday afternoons teachers must attend Faculty meetings and extra help will not be offered.