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    Learning how to select a "Just Right" book is an important step towards becoming a lifelong reader! To choose the perfect book, read two or three pages and ask yourself these questions:

    • Do I understand what I am reading?
    • Will the book be fun to read?
    • Do you know and understand most of the words?
    • Can you read it smoothly?
    • Did it pass the five finger rule?

    If most of your answers were yes, then the book is a great fit for you! See below for more tips on choosing the perfect book.


    Just Right Guide

    Too Easy

    • You know all of the

    • There are no tricky

    • You feel like you’re flying through the book.

    • One to two unknown words is easy.
    Just Right

    • You can picture what’s

    going on in your head.

    • You do not feel


    • You know all of the

    characters and you can

    keep them straight.

    • You have to work a little

    to figure out the words,

    but you are successful!

    •Two to three unknown words is just right!
    Too Challenging

    • You don’t understand

    what’s going on.

    • You feel confused a lot
    of the time.

    • There are a lot of tricky

    words or words that you

    don’t understand.

    • It’s not fun because it

    feels like too much work

    and you don’t get the


    • You can’t keep the

    characters straight… it’s


    •Four to five unknown words is challenging!