Our Mission

    The goal of our media center is to provide all students and staff with the guidance and resources to fulfill their needs. Whether for academic learning or recreational use the school  media center should be a place that ensures all students and staff have access to a wide variety of resources and materials. The library aims to be the information center of the school and will support the curriculum and encourage all users to become lifelong learners.


    • Media Classes

    All students in grades K-6 attend media classes in the Bixby School media center once a week for a 40 minute period. Classes provide instruction in information gathering skills, use of technology and literature appreciation.


    • Library Policies

    Book Exchange: All students have the opportunity to borrow a book from the library during their specified media class. A student is allowed to borrow one book at a time for  ONE WEEK  . The student must return the book on time or else they will not be allowed to borrow a new book.   Students will be charged for books that are not returned! 

    Students are responsible for taking care of their book properly.

    • Tips for taking care of your library book:
      • Keep your library book in a safe place away from small children and animals that might damage it.
      • Do not write, draw, color or scribble in your library book.
      • Be careful when turning the pages so you do not rip them.
      • Keep food away from your library book.
      • Remember to always return your book on time.