1. Roy Bixby Elementary School  Study Skills


    Students Try

    • Believe in yourself
    • Take pride in your work
    • Have the confidence that YOU can do it
    • Do your best work
    • Put effort into all of your assignments
    • Take responsibility for your work
    • Never Settle for Less Than Your Best


    • Be on time
    • Spend more time studying
    • Focus on the lesson being taught/pay attention in class
    • Apply the skills you have been taught
    • Participate in class
    • Check all work/proofread
    • Be prepared for class
    • Ask for help when needed
    • Ask questions in class
    • Look over material
    • Work in increments (steps)
    • Don’t put off projects until the last minute






















    Study Skills to use

    • Look at material  and follow along in class
    • Make connections to what you are learning to your life
    • Review study guides and worksheets given in class
    • Reread chapters discussed in class
    • Practice problems at home
    • KWL Chart  What do you Know?– Don’t Know?
    • Read directions
    • Highlight important information
    • Memorize when needed
    • Use flash cards
    • Review notes
    • Read orally at home
    • Study buddy
    • Use dictionaries and a thesaurus
    • Organizational strategies

    - Organize your desk, folders and