• Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,

     Welcome to 4th grade.  We are looking forward to a productive year!  Fourth grade is a very important year during which your child will progress both academically and socially.  There are a few things that we ask of you:

    • Please sign your child’s planner after reviewing their homework. Your children have been instructed on how to fill out their planner for their homework assignments on a daily basis. By following this procedure, you show your child how much you value their effort and work. Your child needs to show responsibility by writing all assignments in their planner.
    • Please be sure that your child completes all of the assigned homework. All in-class assignments, homework, and long-term projects given to your children should be completed on a timely basis.  Your child’s progress depends on your cooperation and support.
    • Please sign all notices and forms on a timely basis. 

     It is very important to keep the lines of communication open so we can all have a successful year. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to send a note or set up an appointment to see me.  Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

    E. Roy Bixby Honor Roll

    First Honors:                 A’s in all subjects

    Second Honors:             4 A’s and 1 B in major subjects

                                           A’s  and B’s in minor subjects

    Third Honors:               3 A’s and 2 B’s in major subjects

                                            A’s  and B’s in minor subjects

    Honorable Mention:     A’s and/or  B’s in all subjects

    (Major subjects: Language Arts, Math, Reading, Science, and Social Studies)

    Children receiving Honors will receive the following:

    1. A listing of names in the Principal’s Report to the Superintendent
    1. An Honor Roll Commendation to be placed in the child’s permanent record folder.
    1. An Honor Roll Commendation to be sent home.
    1. The pride that goes along with being an Honor student.


    BOGOTA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                     

    Homework Expectations and Responsibilities for students, parents, and teachers.

    Homework Average Daily Requirements for Grade 4:

    Homework: Fourth Grade- 40 minutes

    The purpose of homework is to practice skills learned in class, check for understanding, and prepare for assessments. Homework also establishes life-long time management and organizational skills, as well as instilling personal responsibility.

    Homework Expectations and Responsibilities:

    Responsibilities of Students 

    Responsibilities of Parents

    Responsibilities of Teachers

    Write down all homework assignments in your planner before leaving class.  If no homework is assigned, students should write in what was covered in class.

    Check student’s assignment planner daily and/or school website for assignments.

    Plan homework related to classroom objectives.  State homework clearly in written and oral form.

    Take homework assignments home along with necessary materials.

    Arrange a quiet time and study area including proper lighting.  Help your child arrange his/her papers for return to school the next day.

    Check and review homework assignments with students

    Be prepared to spend on average 40-60 minutes daily on homework assignments and studying or reading. 

    If your child is not doing work at home contact his/her teachers to make sure that work is being completed.

    Make clear homework policies and expectations for all assignments.

    What are the teachers’ homework expectations for my child?

    1. The personal best effort is always expected.
    2. Establish a time and place to focus solely on homework.
    3. Take ownership of how you learn as a student.
    4. Understand the requirements of assignments before the end of the school day.
    5. Ask questions when you don’t understand how to complete homework.
    6. All assignments are due the following day, unless otherwise stated.
    7. Every child is expected to read an assigned number of minutes every day (20 to 30 minutes), seven days a week, and record the time and pages on their Reading Log.
    1. Students who leave class for enrichment, such as G&T or band, are required to complete all assignments.

    What is the parent involvement with homework?

    1. Parents are encouraged to check the planner and or website for nightly assignments and sign upon completion.
    2. Please support your child’s independent homework efforts, and assist when necessary. Math and Science textbooks are online; students have a username and password.
    1. Student work is due at the beginning of the day and is considered late after that time.
    2. Students may NOT use the office phone at any time to call parents to have their homework brought to school.
    3. Work that is not finished is considered “incomplete” and students will be given a Homework Notice in class toindicate that they have not met the class requirements for that day.  Students will be required to complete their work. Homework Notices are kept in the students school file.

    Homework-Absent Policy: In absences that are excused, the student is expected to make up work in the time allotted which is equal to the number of days missed without consequence. 

    Philosophy of Homework:

         Homework contributes toward building responsibility, self-discipline and lifelong learning habits; for these reasons, the teaching team believes that homework is an essential part of every child’s learning experience.
         Homework is not new learning and should reinforce what the student has been working on in class. However, homework incorporates a wider definition than most students realize. It includes the completion of work not finished in class, completion of daily assignments, review of concepts taught that day, reading, work on long-term projects, and studying for upcoming quizzes/tests. Most students with failing grades are not adequately completing homework assignments and studying. Therefore, we recommend that all students schedule a regular routine for completing homework. On average, students should anticipate having 40-60 minutes of homework daily in their academic classes. Students who leave class for enrichment; such as G&T or band, are required to complete all assignments.

     Progress Reports:

    • Two copies are sent home. (One to keep and one for the school)
    • One copy must be signed by a parent/guardian. The signed copy must be given to the assigned teacher the next school day.

     Report Cards:

    • The gold Report Card envelope needs to be signed by a parent/guardian and returned the next school day to their assigned teacher.

     Permission Slips: All permission slips (for any activity) need to be signed by a

                                   parent/guardian, by the specific date imposed by the teacher. 

                                   Students not adhering to this rule will be unable to attend

                                   the trip and/or activity.  Phone calls will not be accepted.

    Thank you for your support.

    Mrs. Breiner :-)