•     Sixth Grade Activities

    Fundraising – during the end of fifth grade or/and the beginning of sixth - Parents to organize and supervise if applicable.   Ice pops, Dress Up/Down Days, etc.

    Broadway Play


    - recommended to start to collect money when students are in 5th grade.

    - collect monies and deposit with Mr. Englese.  (teachers will also collect money)

    - Class parents will be chaperones - must pay for own ticket

    Teachers will purchase tickets for the play and arrange for the bus.


    Lunch before the play

    • Parents (if available) assist in lunch at Bixby School one hour before bus leaves. (Possible foods: pizza, sub sandwiches, water, snack, etc.)


    Play Day:

    • Single session day in June.
    • Sixth grade students from Bixby and Steen get to know one another.
    • Physical Education teacher from Bixby or Steen will supervise activities.

    Parents needed to provide and serve-

    • Grill hamburgers, hotdogs, etc. at Olsen Park form 9:00AM to 12:00PM
    • Snack, ice-cream or ice-pops
    • Water



    • T-shirts - Sixth grade T-shirts – Teachers will order


     Sixth Grade Promotion

    Preparation for Sixth Grade Promotion:

    Parents/Teachers are responsible for:

    • Decorations outside or in gym – balloons column(s) preferred. (optional)
    • Programs - for Promotion  - (songs, speakers, teacher’s children’s’, BOE, etc. names) teachers have samples   (Teachers)
    • Boosters – class parents (teachers split the cost for one) (optimal)
    • Yearbook preparation (collecting/monitoring baby pictures and student profiles) and ordering  (teachers)
    • Taking Yearbook pictures- those involved in activities and sports – Safety Patrol, Band, G&T, Spelling Bee, basketball, cheerleading, etc.  (teachers)
    • Classroom Chaperones (before ceremony) 5th grade parents – need 6.

             -Responsibilities – hand out programs and collect tickets (if needed), and supervise students in

             classrooms before promotion.

    Preparation for Sixth Grade Breakfast:

    Parents are responsible for:

    • Last day of school from 8:40AM to 10:00AM
    • Food – bagels, muffins, juice, etc.
    • Decorations in gym (balloons from Promotion -optional)
    • Slide Show – for breakfast in gym (optional)
    • Yearbooks to be distributed