Fall Challenge!

    Ask yourself these questions as you read!



    Who are the main characters?

    How do they treat the other characters in the story?

    Who is telling the story?

    Why do you think the author wrote the story?

    What is the problem? How will it be solved?

    What do you predict will happen next?

    Could this story happen in real life?

    Can you relate to the character?

    What is the theme? What lesson did the character learn?

    What was your favorite part? Why?



    What do you think you will learn from this book?

    What do you already know about the topic?

    What questions do you have as you read?

    What is the main idea of the text?

    Why did the author write this?

    What are some text features? How did they help you understand?

    Were there any words you did not know? How did you find out what they meant?

    Where can you find more information on this topic?


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