• Classroom Rules



    The students earn  a point for every period of the day, including homeroom and lunch, for a total of 10 points. 

    For every point that they earn they get a dojo dollar at the end of the day that they can use to purchase things like pencils, erasers, folders, free time, prize box items, etc. 

    If they earn 10 points they can get 10 minutes of free time a day. 

    For 8-9 points they get 5 minutes of free time  a day. 

    7 or less points they don't earn free time. 

    How to earn a point: 

    1.  Be on time for class/homeroom. 

    2.  Be prepared (have all materials needed to participate in class)

    3.  Be respectful to classmates and teachers

    4.  Complete work to the best of your ability. 

  • How To Shine In

    Mrs. Lorusso's Class


    1.  Listen and follow directions. 


    2.  Do your personal best. 


    3.  Respect Self and Others


    4.  Be polite, courteous, and kind. 


    5.  Take pride in work.