• All About Mrs. Lorusso's Class

    The class is made up of students in grades 4-6. 

    Students are challenged to work to the greatest of their abilities. 


    Teacher's Assistants


    Mr. Robbins



  • Students are given assignments based on thier individual reading levels. 

    Reading levels are assessed multiple times throughout the year. 

    Students are encouraged to read every night for 20 minutes.

    Students are also encouraged to use the RAZ-Kids website as well. 



  • We use Writer's Workshop.

    Students are encouraged to write about topics of their choice. 

    Students are given a mini lesson on a target skill to focus on in their writing. 

    During conferences with the teacher they are given additional feedback to improve their writing skills.   


  • Students work on grade level skills using their grade level math book (modified) and teacher made materials. 

    Sudents can access ther math book at home if needed.  Pearson Math Book




  • Homework

    Homework is to be done the night that  it is given. 

    Homework is given a grade and counted toward the subjects final grade.  










  • Please feel free to EMAIL ME with any questions, comments, or concerns.