• Dear Steen School Community,

    At Lillian M. Steen Elementary School, we are committed to providing students with a safe, stimulating, and creative school. The school is home to approximately 300 student in grades kindergarten through six. We pride ourselves on providing a learning environment that educates the whole student. There is an emphasis on social-emotional growth, as well as academic achievements. All of our students participate in our character education program; this program fosters a sense of responsibility that teaches students about making good choices throughout the day and in their lives. Our faculty and staff strive to create students who are excited to come to school each day and take ownership of their learning.

    Our dedicated staff members continue to adapt and hone their craft in order to provide the best experience for the students of Lillian M. Steen School. The teachers work tirelessly in order to meet the needs of each individual student. They create lessons that take into account a myriad of learning styles. By utilizing differentiation and hands-on-learning, they are able to reach all students. By continually infusing technology into their lessons, teachers are able to meet the demands of 21st century learners. The students at Lillian M. Steen School receive weekly instruction in art, music, physical education, and Spanish. These classes provide our students’ with a well-rounded education. Our school also offers a gifted and talented program for students who qualify.

    Lillian M. Steen School is proud of its school-community relationship. The Parent Teacher’s Organization (PTO) is a tremendously active organization that seeks to support our students and teachers. The PTO sponsors various educational assemblies for our whole school, as well as supplementing the cost of field trips for every student. The monthly meetings strengthen the home school connection, which is essential to foster and maintain.

    The ultimate goal of Lillian M. Steen School is to provide an education that molds students into productive members of society who are equipped with the tools they need in order to be successful. Our students are encouraged to continually question the world around them in order to be prepared tackle real world situations. Our hard working staff, who continually strive for excellence in their teaching and students, are able prepare our students for success in their future endeavors.

    Ms. Dayle Collins