Guidance Resources

  • Live Safe

    Community-Sourced Risk Intelligence

    We've all heard the saying "If you see something, say something." Now, it's even easier to do what's right. Use LiveSafe to:

    • Silent Panic Alarm - Sends a silent customizable message routed to the PSOC, reminds user to silence their phone and monitor for communication

    • Call 911 - LiveSafe's call 911 feature allows for quick access to emergency help, utilizing location data for faster response.

    • Report Suspicious Activity Send tips or requests for help to safety and security officials (suspicious person, an accident, assault, or any safety question). You can choose to be anonymous.

    • Emergency Options - Quickly message or call officials, and share your exact location in an emergency.

    • SafeWalk Virtually walk family, friends and colleagues home or to another destination by monitoring their location on a real-time map.

    • Kiosk Mode - Kiosk Mode is built for shared workstations (shared computers, front desk, etc.) in public places with a silent panic alarm option that is optimized for speed and privacy.