• CTE is designed to engage students in the concept of financial literacy by teaching them basic financial awareness and giving them tools to assist them in securing their financial future.

    Topics Covered:

    * Money values

    * Credit

    * Taxes

    * Investing 

    * Interviewing skills 

    * Resumes


    7th Grade Integrated Student Student Expectations:

    • In class on time and prepared - with a CHARGED Chromebook, binder, pen/pencil, etc

    • Alert and ready to participate

    • Hand in assignments on time to receive full credit. Late assignments will receive a lower grade

    • Cooperate with others during group activities

    • On Task (example: using chromebook for Science class only)

    • Respect all people in our classroom (staff, teachers, students, guests, etc.)

    • Attendance- Students are expected to have excellent attendance.

    • It is suggested you exchange phone numbers with a classmate to obtain assignments when absent and/or check our Google Classroom page