• 7th Grade Integrated Science / Career Technical Education (CTE) / Computer Science

    The best way to reach me during the day is to call the school office at  (201)-441-4823 or by email at jhaase@bogotaboe.com

    I am available for extra help on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 2:45-3:10 pm.  Please schedule an appointment to confirm, as it could change. I can make appointments on other days if needed, with advanced notice. 

    Student & Parent Portal and Class Website:

    I encourage parents/guardians and students to check the student & parent portal often for grades.  If parents/guardians do not know how to access the Portal or do not know their login information, please contact the Main Office at 201-441-4823 for assistance.  The Portals can be found at www.BogotaBOE.com

    The Integrated Science Google Classroom site is another great source of information. Your child can show you our Integrated Science Google Classroom. Please note that Parents and Guardians do not have access to it.


    • Homework 15%

    • Quizzes 30%

    • Tests & Projects 40%

    • Participation 15%


    All assignments will be recorded on the parent & student portal, and will be updated regularly.

    *Late Assignments: Late assignments will be accepted up to 5 school days late.  Each day late, the earned grade will be reduced by 10% of the original value of the assignment.  Late assignments after 5 school days will receive no earned credit resulting in a grade of “MIS”= 0%.

    *Attendance Policy: If absent from class for any reason, the student will be required to make up work including class notes, homework, and activities in a timely fashion. It is the student's responsibility to do this.  The student will need to arrange a meeting with their teacher to establish this, not the teacher. If the student is absent from class/school when a test is being given, they will be given a make-up exam upon return.