Let’s Surf The Musical Web!

  • There are so many amazing things musicians can find and do on the Internet!
    Check this one out! it's called Line Rider. As you play it for fun, see if you can make your voice move the same way you see the rider riding the course you design for him!
    Talk about an artful performer- these performers are using ASL (American Sign Language) to interpret the song 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams. 
    We all know and love Incredibox, right?! Create a beat and show your friends and family. Check it out here.

    I admit I'm a sucker for anything that duplicates Whack-a-mole, so this music notation game is right up my alley! 

     When you get to this game, you really have to have your focused listening skills in place. Try to listen to the patterns and play it back to move to the next pattern. Make sure you are audiating!!
    This one is super fun and allows you to build an orchestra by listening to the sounds and matching them to the correct instruments.

    On the Creating Music website, kids can explore, create, and manipulate music. Young kids will enjoy this game where they can compare two phrases of music to see if they are same or different. (Ages 4+)

    If you play recorder or want to learn, this Recorder Fingering Chart is fun. Click on the note and hear the pitch and see the fingering. (Ages 5+)

    On the gameroom section of the New York Philharmonic's Kidzone website, there are TONS of great music games for kids. Instrument Frenzy is a little tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it you can have lots of fun learning about the different instruments of the orchestra. Or head on over to the Percussion Showdown, where you can try to beat Polly the Cowgirl using drums to match her rhythms.
    Head to the San Francisco Symphony's Fun with Music website to check out the Music Mountain or the Conductor pages to try to make your own music. Or, get to know the instruments of the orchestra a little bit better in this instrument matching game. (Ages 6+)

    Artopia is a great interactive website that will allow you to dig into the orchestra, while getting to know some of the instruments and composers through short videos. In the Re-Mix Studio, work as a music producer! (Ages 6+)

    Check out this cool website about the National Anthem of the US from the Smithsonian. (Ages 8+)

    Classical Kids has a nice page of Music Games for reviewing note names and composers. (Ages 8+)