• Early College Program


    Bergen Community College


    Bergen’s College-School Partnership

    Connect to college while still in high school with Bergen’s College-School Partnership programs.

    • Bergen Community College is proud to partner with Bogota Jr./Sr. High School  to provide students with the opportunity to earn an associate degree while still enrolled in high school.


    Student Benefits

    • The ability to experience an enhanced and challenging level of learning
    • The opportunity to get a head start on your college career
    • The chance to explore career possibilities
    • The ability to fulfill high school requirements while simultaneously earning college credits
    • The means to promote motivation and engagement


    The Program

    • Allows students to take classes approved to fulfill both high school and college degree requirements.
    • Resides at your high school or any of Bergen’s locations in Paramus, Hackensack, or Lyndhurst.
    • Students will graduate with a Bergen A.A. or A.S. in one of the following areas:
      • Liberal arts (most recommended by BCC - most transferable)
      • Natural math and science
      • An A.S. in criminal justice
      • An A.S. in business administration


    BCC - Mission Statement

    The BCC College-High School Partnerships provide high school students with a complete offering of services encouraging students to set and achieve academic, personal, and career goals

    We embrace the opportunity to serve the students of Bergen County through our collaborative relationship with the school districts and value our goal to help ensure a smooth transition to higher education. In keeping with the mission of Bergen Community College, the partnership programs present educational programming that fosters readiness, retention, and success for all students.

    Link to BCC's Early College Program


    Bogota Jr./Sr. High School


    BHS - Criteria for Eligibility

    • No significant discipline issues (i.e. fights, bullying, drug use, suspensions)
    • No more than 5 absences during the current school year
    • Has not failed a cycle and/or semester class due to attendance issues
    • Has completed Algebra II (H) by the conclusion of 10th grade
    • Has obtained an 85% or greater grade average between the start of Freshman year through the 2nd marking period of Sophomore year
    • Has passed the Accuplacer in no more than two attempts
    • NJSLA score requirement - English and math scores at least 760.
    • Must be enrolled in at least 2 other honors classes besides Algebra II Honors as a sophomore student.

    * The High School Administration along with the Guidance Department will review the records.


    BHS - Cost of Early College Program

    • The approximately cost is $6800 for 60 credits over two years (Junior and Senior Year).  BCC controls the costs of the credits so they are subject to change.
    • Students will be responsible for purchasing textbooks and required materials for each class.  Those expenses will be dependent on student’s BCC instructors.
    • There will also be certain standard fees BCC will charge as a student in their education system.
    • Bogota High School is currently exploring a dual-enrollment partnership with BCC which would reduce the $6800 cost.


    BHS - Transportation

    • Bogota Jr/Sr High School will NOT be providing transportation to the Early College Program.  It is the responsibility of the students in the program to get to the location on time.  If school resources are unused and available for transportation on a particular day, students may have access to them.
    • Classes will take place on BCC’s Hackensack campus which is approximately 5 minutes away from the high school by car.


    BHS - Other Information

    • Upon completing their 60 credits, students will be invited to participate in BCC’s Graduation Ceremony.  Students can attend the graduation ceremony at the high school.
    • Students can still participate in extracurricular clubs and sports after school. Classes end approximately 2:30.  Students are responsible for returning to the high school to participate in the club and/or sport.