• March is National Athletic Training Month


    National Athletic Training Month is held every March in order to spread awareness about the important work of athletic trainers. During March, athletic trainers across America are being recognized for their commitment to helping people prevent injuries, stay healthy and active. Athletic trainers are multi-skilled health care professionals. Highly educated and dedicated to the job at hand, athletic trainers can be found in high schools and colleges, corporations, professional sports, the military, performing arts and clinics, hospitals and physician offices. They provide compassionate and quality health care for all.

    Athletic trainers provide the care that keeps you active and healthy in work, life and sport. Learn more at www.nata.org/natm

    The 2023 slogan is "From Head to Toe."

    When is the last time you thanked your athletic trainer? Show your athletic trainer some love and appreciation this month!

    They've earned it!