• Welcome to Algebra!

    This year we will be using the Pearson Envision Program.  Students can access their online workbook, homework, and other resources at www.pearsonrealize.com.  Some additional class resources can be accessed through Google Classroom.  If you need the class code to access the site, please e-mail me.

    Algebra will cover the following topics:

    Chapter 1- Solve Equations and Inequalities                                            Chapter 7- Polynomials and Factoring    

    Chapter 2- Linear Equations                                                                           Chapter 8- Quadratic Functions             

    Chapter 3- Linear Functions                                                                           Chapter 9- Solving Quadratic Equations

    Chapter 4- Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities                     Chapter 10- Working with Functions

    Chapter 5- Piecewise Functions                                                                     Chapter 11- Statistics

    Chapter 6- Exponents and Exponential Functions

Algebra envision