Degrees and Certifications:

  • Hi! My name is Diane Baranello. I have been in the Bogota School District since 2000. After many years teaching Resource Room English, I am taking on a new challenge. I am now teaching the LLD 8th and 9th grade English, Pre-Algrebra, Literature and Art, and Study Skills. I will also be in English III and Physics in class support.

    My schedule is:

    Period 1- 8 and 9th grade English

    Period 2- Prep

    Period 3- 8th and 9th grade Math

    Period 4- Lunch

    Period 5- English III in class support

    Period 6- Physics in class support

    Period 7- Study Skills

    Period 8- Literature and Art


    Extra help on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the morning or after school